Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Reading Plan-- Spring 2007

My daughter is also keeping up a reading plan -- I like the way she records it month by month; maybe I will try it that way.

More May reading.

Updated May 2007
Currently Reading

Experiment in Criticism
  • An Experiment in Criticism

  • Josef Pieper
  • Josef Pieper: An Anthology

  • Homeschool
  • From Homeschool to College and Work

  • Better Off
  • Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology

  • finished May 2007

    Catholic Church..
  • How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization
  • finished

    The Mislabeled Child
  • The Mislabeled Child

  • finished

    The Book of Learning and Forgetting
  • The Book of Learning and Forgetting
  • -finished May 2007

  • Memorize the Faith
  • Memorize the Faith!

  • Religious Potential of the Child
  • Religious Potential of the Child

  • Mind of the Universe
  • Mind of the Universe

  • Everlasting Man
  • Everlasting Man

  • Must We All Die
  • Must We All Die? Alaska's Enduring Struggle with Tuberculosis
  • finished April 2007

    Home Education
  • Home Education by Charlotte Mason
  • finished

    Myth of Laziness
  • Myth of Laziness
  • finished reading April 2007

    Apologia Pro Vita Sua
  • Apologia Pro Vita Sua
  • finished April 2007

    My general plan is to read a Shakespeare play every month -- another classic every two months -- to have a spiritual reading going on at all times -- and to keep plugging through Chesterton's Everlasting Man (I'm reading this one and discussing it with a small group online).

    I would also like to read some book of science or nature study every couple of months -- and have a poetry book going on at all times. But that is in the back seat right now until I see how the rest of it goes.

    During March I read:

    • MacBeth
    • Apologia pro Sua Vita
    • David Copperfield
    • Myth of Laziness
    • Organizing from the Inside Out
    • Time Management from the Inside Out
    • Living Water
    • Charlotte Mason: Parents and Children
    (this looks like a lot, but it's explained by the fact that we had quite a bit of car time last month and that is when I get a lot of my solid reading in).

    I'll add to this as I go. My ideal would be to write out some notes on each book and then use the link to the book to show that I've read it. That may be overly ambitious though.


    NEw Lifetime Reading Plan
    Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan
    Chronological Great Books

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