Sunday, March 27, 2005

Why I Do Like Mondays

In general, because they are a new start after the blessed leisure of the Lord's Day. In particular, because we are taking the day off and I can drink coffee again now that we are in the Easter season. And ultimately, because the Easter season is such a wonderful time of the year.

I have come up with a new organizational idea. Let's see how it works.

I will write down my plans for a given day, possibly in the evening before.

Then, afterwards, I'll write down what I really did in relation to what I had planned. Easy accountability, yes??

St Ignatius de Loyola in his Spiritual Exercises
recommends keeping an accounting of some particular area of weakness, listing failures in that area during the course of the day, and pondering over it with prayer and resolves to improve.

Now I KNOW I have trouble keeping accountable to what I plan. Hmm, I even have trouble formulating plans.

So we'll see how this works.


Easter Monday will be a holiday for us, meaning no academics, specifically no math. But since the house looks like it's been ignored for a week (and that's awful indeed for a homeschooling family of nine with two preschoolers and a dad who works at home, as you all probably know) we plan to clean the house. The kids will do their normal "dailies and weeklies" as we always do on Monday, plus I will follow behind and spruce and supervise.

If this all goes smoothly, the kids will be allowed to have their "free day" which means, around here, that they get 3-4 hours of screen time -- computer, video, or game console.

I won't put many goals beyond that. We have a medical errand to run and a little shopping to do and the kids still have their Easter baskets which make it safer to keep the bar low for the interim. We'll try to keep up our toothbrushing habits which I instituted a couple of weeks back.

Perhaps we will get socks. Seven children run through a lot of socks. I imagine most people know that too.

Things to think about: paying attention to the kids, finding the Bookshelf book for little kids to see if it has any poems for Aidan and Patrick, and starting to work through Ray's Geometry. And a clean, bright, orderly house.... with clean, bright, orderly kids?

I'll write how this actually went.