Sunday, August 28, 2005

OK, it's Sunday

So here's one more question.

Now let's say I DID move a bit more towards unschooling this school year. What would that actually involve, in our homeschool?

I would like to concentrate a bit more on what I would call "real life". Potentially, that means involving the kids in productive work and in community life. But that rings all my danger bells. I'm an introvert! plus, those general types of goals involve servility -- I'm doing something FOR something else, which implies that the first thing is subservient to the second. When we get involved in something, like football, it is because the activity itself is WORTH the torment of getting outside, mingling with people we don't know very well, and divebombing hornets. You should have seen the ones getting Kevin yesterday at Mendota. He even captured one live on videotape.

So right now I'll rephrase that to say -- I'd like to be more attentive to OUR daily life as it is lived now, and more attentive to my kids as they really are, and do bookish things because I think it would be a good way to spend time together, not to get through a curriculum.

I'm still going to keep up with the math and Latin for now, because that's where my comfort level is.

The kids are hungry for BOOKS. I can try to hunt down some books they would like, around the house and at the library.

I'll go for cultural heritage -- no chronological agenda, but books to awake interest and clusters of books to continue interest if it is awoken. Like right now, Sean is reading ancient history books and asking for more. Brendan wants adventure books.

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