Friday, August 26, 2005


Right now it is just a bit after dinner and Aidan is watching a VeggieTales video. Clare has just helped Patrick upstairs and is now back downstairs. Patrick can basically climb stairs by himself, as can Aidan, but we still supervise JUST IN CASE. Sean is eating dinner (spaghetti and rolls). Kieron is eating too, I think -- both are reading at the table. Where's Brendan? I just asked that question and got the answer (from Clare) "He's outside." Brendan's been out most of the day, either with Sean or alone. He told me it's his favorite time of the year -- FALL.

Paddy is now watching the video, and Aidan is behind me talking about his Pikachu and Meowth pillows (which he propped next to each other behind the computer).

Now a focus on one kid. Sean -- he isn't too happy about our school year starting. He does math without much complaining but certainly doesn't volunteer to do it. He complains a bit about grammar and Latin but basically, just tries to get through it as effectively and efficiently as possible. I've been giving him math, one language arts assignment and then a book to read. He read The God King in one day (Wednesday) then The Bronze Bow in one day (Thursday). Plus he had football practice. But most of the time outside of that he has been outside, or making swords out of old wooden stakes and painting/decorating them. Except when I conscripted him to work on the yard, or when he was doing chores.

He is in 7th grade. I'm not sure if that's really enough, but on the other hand -- a book a day -- that's approximately a week or two week's work in a day, if you look at the Sonlight book list. I suppose if he read a book every day for the rest of his life, he'd be pretty well educated.

I notice that the kids don't mind doing a few schooly, routine things upon request -- math, etc. -- but there's a critical point beyond which they feel like it's taken over their lives.

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