Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Large Family Logistics

About 4 years ago, I started using Flylady when climbing out of a depression. I think I was feeling the post-traumatic stress of our medical ordeal with our liver transplant child Aidan: felt like a ghost drifting through life, couldn't seem to focus or engage with life's little difficulties, was just barely maintaining. Having those specific things to do, not having to THINK about them, and being able to feel good about my baby-step progress was a real mental remedy for me.

When I got pregnant with Patrick and had to spend two days a week in the hospital with pre-natal interventions, I used to bring my Control Journal so I could work on it and know exactly what I needed to do when I got back home, and what to tell my kids to do when I was away.

More recently, I've been using Large Family Logistics. For one thing, it's geared to the mother of many, and also because LFL has "themes" for days like Laundry, Deep Cleaning, Office and the way she organizes it works well for me -- I like blasting through things and making lots of progress and so for those things, baby steps don't work as well for me, anymore, now that my routines are a BIT more set.

B. said the other day "I do much better when I can just focus on one thing and work on it for a long time." Bingo! If you know that about yourself, that's something to build on, definitely!

On Wednesday, I know it's Office Day; on Monday, I know I can spend the whole day focusing on the laundry. Since I have a LARGE family, focusing on one thing per day isn't quite enough so I'm tailoring her list to have Primary and Secondary focus.

Here is the link to her site (the hyperlinks don't work when I use Opera browser but if they show up, it's due to the power of self-directed learning AND the power of organization because I just used the template code, which I didn't know how to do until I had time to mess around today, on my Office Day)
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