Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I noticed recently that my waking hours are divided into two shifts. In the first shift, ideally starting about 7 am, I am on the run getting through household chores, working with the kids, supervising.... I start winding down about 2 and by 3, if I have not rested, am about to melt down. But usually, in fact, I take a bath, lie down for a few minutes (with the toddler usually) and spend some time reading or zoning out on the computer.

About 4 pm or so it's time to start the second shift.... making dinner, getting kids to bed, getting things prepped for the next day. That shift ends about 10 pm when I am lying down reading and trying to say my prayers before I drift off to sleep.

I am writing it down because for years it has stressed me out that I seem to fade out about 2-3 pm. That meant that my schedules utilising the baby's naptime to get things done or be with the other kids never worked at all. But now I see why it's so. Acknowledging that I am putting in two reasonable days work in one day gives me some understanding of why the down time is justifiable. Plus, I'm working in at least 15 minutes about every 2 hours to just zone out, again. It's equivalent to my work hours at the salmon plant and the work I do nowadays is about as intensive if not more so.

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