Wednesday, November 16, 2005

History of Homeschooling

1953 article

"For all its academic success all was not perfect. In many ways, my parents were pioneers in this arena and therefore made many mistakes. I can't speak for my siblings but for me it was very difficult to attend school with other children after being at home by myself until the fourth grade. I believe my parents could have been more diligent in seeing to it that I had more social interaction with other people. Some of my social adjustment difficulties extended over many years with a few lasting even into my adulthood."

"My oldest brother offers this caution concerning home schooling: "There is a danger that the parent and child may become alienated. Care must be taken to see that children are not isolated or become so socially retarded that they have difficulty functioning in society. Parents should examine carefully their motives for home schooling and be realistic about their own abilities to carry it off. I could suggest exploration of alternatives such as private and church schools or forming small "academies," or even visiting tutors like in Victorian times.""

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