Monday, November 07, 2005


Today is Monday. That means that the kids do their "dailies and weeklies" and it is Laundry Day. I've adopted Large Family Logistic's approach for laundry because it makes me feel so much is getting done. We change sheets and I run the washing machine all day, and also straighten and organize the laundry room while I'm in there, match those orphan socks, that kind of thing.

Weather? Feels warm from in here. Kind of grey. Maybe I can take the "babies" outside. I just lit a fire but it hardly seems we need it.

Academics? Math. Have overviews with Clare and Brendan. Work with Aidan on HWT.

Other things? I'm thinking of slowly working through the crafts and games closets during this winter and basically, letting the little kids destroy everything. Well, you know what I mean. They aren't doing much good sitting in there -- games and crafts, I mean -- and the kids WILL destroy them when they get them. That's what happens, but I can live with it for the sake of planting seeds.

Agenda? I have to call the doctor about an ENT referral for Aidan.

For dinner? Tri-tip. So I hope it's NOT cold outside, because I freeze going in and out to the BBQ on the deck. Every time I barbeque, I consider that it may be the last one -- and also, miss Liam -- for some reason, the fall weather out there brings him to mind a lot.

How's Liam doing? Well -- he's writing his first "real" paper, about why Homer put Hector's burial at the end of the Iliad. He said he had trouble cutting it down to 1200 words (!) so it sounds like it will be OK.

OH -- I mean to keep the deck free of snow, if I can. I don't know if I can without spending nights out there. But I can try.

Clare found the Disney Narnia trailer online and the kids were really into it last night. They've been watching those fairy tales my mom brought them. Too much screen time.

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