Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Last week wasn't typical

I can imagine that for some families, our "busy" week last week would seem like kicking back and relaxing.

This is an area of ambivalence for me. A mostly stay at home routine has its advantages. Lots of time to think, create, read, get involved in projects without watching the clock.

Yet, as my pastor brother once said, do we lose "the eye of the tiger" if we are too much out of the current? Yes, the mixed metaphor is making me cringe, too.

I think we ought to enjoy our quiet season for a little while, but I have been praying about where to go from here. The ongoing issue is "community". I have my online community and my daughter takes after me, but it's not enough, not concrete enough, too much in our comfort zones, and the boys don't really connect interpersonally to anything online so it's not a benefit for them.

I do not know the solution.

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