Monday, November 14, 2005


Today is Laundry Day and informally, Restore House to Order Day. Sunday I try to avoid housework and it sure shows the next day.

I'm trying something new per Flylady. I work for an hour and then take 15 minutes' break and drink some water. I have about 1 minute left of my break and then I need to go get started again. If I can get REALLY in tune, I will say a little prayer at the top of each new working hour.

Oops, looks like my time is running out. Sean has been having a fantasy football tournament and was getting tired of rolling dice or pulling names out of a cup to decide who won. So he was asking for a computerized way of doing it. Yesterday we found a Random Number Generator online and he assigned numbers to the names of his teams. Voila! He can even determine the scores of the teams using this.

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