Thursday, November 17, 2005

Peter Pan

Clare and Kieron have gone off with their Dad to see the Tollberry community production of Peter Pan. MW one of K's friends is playing a small part, but mainly, I think, Clare is simply interested in the chance to see a local dramatic production where she might actually see people she knows.

Clare has a gift for bringing a lot to everything she does. We agreed today that after reading the book on being shy, that we are not really that shy. Well, I have to say I am shy sometimes. They say 50% of all people have shy episodes. That probably much better describes what has been going on with me since childhood. We are introverts and introverts can't pass unnoticed in public schools. "You are SO quiet." Especially when they change schools every year.

Can you tell by my recent entries that this has been a worry of mine recently? All this unschooling pondering has brought some uncertainties to the surface and I think has made me deal with things I have been putting off because life has JUST started slowing down a bit medically. I shouldn't say JUST. Aidan has been healthy for almost 2 years now. But I am a slow-to-adjust person and it is just finally starting to be part of my daily landscape, that I can look beyond the next run to the emergency room.

Clare read "Peter Pan" a couple of weeks ago and loved it. I was just about her age when I found the book at the Mingie's house and read it and had the same impression. I haven't read it since. It was magical. I was afraid I'd be disappointed on the second read. It was a combination of the book and my own transition between childhood and adulthood.

Anyway, community life -- Peter Pan at the high school for the two of them. They are talking about trying out for the next production, whatever it is. Community life, yes.

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