Sunday, November 20, 2005


What I expect from today:
  • Liam will call about 2 pm
  • I will make pizza
  • I will spend some time reading to Kieron and/or playing a game with him
  • Sean and Brendan will watch whatever football games are on.
  • I may call B or parents?
  • I may take a nap since I still have this cold
  • We already went to Mass yesterday evening and I actually got to sit through it all since K. held P.

I want to plan a bit for next week.

Also, I want to spend a few minutes maintaining every couple of hours so the house is not trashed on Monday.

On Wednesday we are going to pick Liam up at TAC!

Last night my 3 am White Night turned into a Silver Lining night. Suddenly I found myself processing all the positives, not just the negatives, and feeling GOOD about staying the course. Now, that was pretty new. I wonder why it happened that way?

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