Friday, November 25, 2005

Table Time

This concept came up when we were discussing unschooling and laziness so I thought I'd look for some links.

Charlotte Mason Primer
"Table Time... This is the time each day that we teach the skills necessary for our children to learn on their own. We have short lessons in Bible Study/Bible Memory, Reading, Writing, Latin/Greek, and Math. These lessons are based on their individual abilities and speed rather than on any certain
grade level. We have found that having a set time each day with set expectations has helped our
children to work independently at earlier ages…become responsible for their own individual progress…and develop an enjoyment of these often tedious studies!"

Cindy Rushton's Home School

Living a Learning Lifestyle (pdf)

A Do-Able Routine

Sun-Up to Sun-Down


Subjects can be scheduled in whatever way works best for your situation. You can do history twice a week, or every day. You can do math just a couple of days a week if you like. Some homeschooling families like to get all their reading and math done between Mon-Thurs and save their "fun stuff" (looking at art, singing folksongs, playing math games) for Fridays. Some folks like to do Bible first, then have breakfast, do their table-time work (writing and math) and save reading for last. Others like to shuffle things around so that they have breaks in between reading to do something different, like math or looking at a picture. It's totally up to you.

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