Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday is Zone Cleaning Day

This week is Cleaning Bedrooms.
I am going to vacuum the kids' rooms.
I'm also going to tidy the hall closets.

We all have colds and S. is waiting to get on the computer. He has been working on his fantasy football league.



I did a LOT of cleaning. I wrote down the details and the computer crashed. I'm not doing it again! But basically, I spent about 2 hours happily absorbed in vacuuming and neatening, and I filled 3/4 of the whole bagless container.

There was a lot of dust under Liam's bed. I don't think I've vacuumed seriously in there since we brought Aidan home! I hummed continuously and imagined Liam back in there for Thanksgiving. Just like a real Mom. : ).

I found out that zone cleaning is a way into contemplation. All the kids stay away from me because they hate the sound of the vacuum and they don't want to get assigned a share of the work. Plus, I think Mom doing housework is usually an energizer; it was for me as a child. So I was alone and the level of mundane detail let me just drop into a relaxed state of prayer and intercession for the kids. It was really nice, like being outside of time.

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