Monday, December 12, 2005


Aidan has all three of his stuffed Pikachus lined up with their fronts against the wall next to his toddler bed. He just told me, "The Pikas are saying their prayers! Many of them. A BUNCH of Pikas are saying their prayers!"

I wish I had a camera.....

Last week Aidan's OT asked me if Aidan knew any of the names of the letters. I honestly wasn't sure. I said we work on them but I hadn't really asked. Lame answer, yes. So today I found the back page in his HWT book and asked him about the letters. He answered almost all of them correctly. He knows most of the numbers too. He gets bored and drifts off to play, or else answers wrong for a joke and then answers right the second time. But anyway, he knows his letter names!

He also traced an S by himself, rather than with me guiding his hand.

He loves to help me -- in the morning he lets Frodo out, then starts the coffee by pressing the button. He helps me make his ramen noodles (his customary breakfast) and helps me get logs for the fire. Later on he tries to help me cook and also grinds the coffee beans and pours them in the filter. He says, "Get off your hand!" because he wants to do it himself.

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