Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas Crafts, Oh My!

This sounds like something we could actually DO, maybe...
Homemade Christmas Cards

We are craft-challenged around here. Why is this?

  1. I have six sons and only one daughter, and none of my sons are the arty type or if they are, they haven't gotten in tune with that side of their natures...
  2. crafts take tiiimmme... and they are meesssy... and they stress me ooouutt....
  3. we have enough trouble getting our photo-shop Christmas cards out in time (the ones we're sending out now are a year late) and getting our tree decorated before Christmas.
  4. we seem to often have a kid in hospital or just coming out or going in during Advent, so perhaps you could say we "live" Advent rather than "do" Advent.

When my daughter was five, 10 years ago now! she used some Christmas stamps I had bought for them (I was a bit more crafty before we moved here and had 3 catastrophic pregnancies in a row). Inside she wrote out the WHOLE first verse of Silent Night in her childish, straggling uppercase letters. It was SO cute. Kevin photocopied it and sent it out to our whole Christmas list.

That's the high point in our Advent prep career. But I have hopes for next year!

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