Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day!

Liam, my firstborn, got:
  • A CD player and a CD of Gregorian chants, and headphones
  • A Latin Vulgate Bible
  • A Greek New Testament though it didn't come in time and so he doesn't know yet
  • A collection of CS Lewis books
  • A magnifying glass (so he can look at ants close up)
  • A subscription for Magnificat
Brendan, my second son got:
  • A Tom Brady (Patriots) replica jersey
  • Madden 2006 for the gamecube
  • A memory card (necessary with Madden!)
  • Some Bionicles
  • A Patriots calendar
  • A desk day by day calendar with quotes from the saints (he has wanted my scriptural one for a loooong time)
Clare, my daughter, got:

  • Old-fashioned sewing patterns from Laughing Moon
  • A drawing kit
  • A natural fiber brush and hair-cutting scissors so she can eliminate split ends in her long hair without causing more
  • A Notre Dame mug and T shirt
  • some scrunchies and a calculator in her stocking
Sean my 12yo son, got:
  • A voucher for the NCAA football game for gamecube
  • a new controller and memory card for the gamecube
  • Bionicles
  • a Notre Dame indoor football
  • A Green Bay Packers calendar
Kieron my 9yo son got:
Aidan my 6yo got:
Patrick my 3yo got:
  • a couple of Lego "theme" Duplos with knights and dragons
  • a Larry Boy value pack of DVDs
  • a bunch of bouncing mini-footballs
He just had a birthday and we were pretty much shopped out for him, plus, he and Raphael overlap on toy interests and we already have SO many little kid toys around!

For "everybody in the whole family" as Raphael says, there was a few games:
  • Vintage Monopoly
  • Notre Dame UNO
  • Sudoku
  • A Quizzle -- puzzle with history facts (from their uncle and aunt)
And Santa Claus put a fair amount of candy in their stockings.

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