Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Evening

Clare and Kieron and Paddy are singing "Phantom of the Opera" to a midi file and purposely mangling it as much as they can. I just heard "mwahahahaha," coming from my tall, pretty elven daughter along with indescribably overdone vibratos.

Sean's taking a bath. I just cut his hair or rather trimmed it since he told me he didn't want it short. Aidan's wandering around unclothed at present since I just changed his diaper and he reaally wanted to take a bath with Sean.

Brendan is doing something noisy downstairs -- his chores? sounds like it could be vigorous sweeping.

Now Paddy is in here "reading" a book to himself. And the singers are singing a song from Les Miserables. Sounds like they are still in mangling mode.

Earlier today P and K were here with young D. He and Paddy had fun playing. In fact, D related to EVERYONE here with high-fives and goodbye hugs and throwing balls of all kinds. It was cute. The only downside to their visit was that Kieron missed his Stations of the Cross homeschool meeting and socialization. However, he got his first peer phone call today from one of his friends there.

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