Friday, December 02, 2005


Today Kieron was painting his box that he makes his Bionicles battle upon. He also painted a cardboard medallion. I'm thinking of giving him some Sculpey and enamel paint to let him work with that. The "babies" painted boxes too and had lots of fun.

I took Aidan across the street to bring cookies and a thank-you card to our neighbor who gave him a couple of presents. For the thank-you card I printed out a jeep with a spare tire and Aidan colored it. Aidan got to open the "real" spare tire again and see around K's house. So it was a good social experience for him.

I have started reading Famous Men of Greece to Kieron and he is enjoying it. We do the questions informally. Yesterday he finished his first Key to Fraction book. He did SO well on the test. He has a first rate memory.

A couple of days ago I managed to play the story tapes from the library for Aidan and Paddy at night. I am trying to start a new habit. However the one who was most interested was Kieron who read the books along with the tape -- Corduroy and a Charlotte Zolotow one about a bunny.

It's a grey day outside, with fine wisps of mist, and the kids have been in and out; they are always attracted to 'weathery' days.

Clare finally got the Phantom DVD from the library so has been watching it daily. That's what they are about to do now. Now that her novel in a month is done, she is a bit at loose ends and has been reading Envoy magazines and playing Christmas songs on the new keyboard.

Kieron has been reading the Christmas and Advent books I brought out. I'll list them some other time.

I also want to make a toy rotation list.

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