Monday, December 05, 2005

Parenting again

All the red comments are quotes, referenced in the proximate URLS:

God is Not Your Vending Machine
  • Children need to learn to stretch themselves beyond an appreciation for whatever instantly moves them on a physical level. We don't do them any favors if we let them dismiss our efforts to expand their horizons in music, poetry, literature, food, and, of course, spirituality, beyond what they already like without any effort at all.
  • We need to teach them that we are here on earth to serve and please God, not to be served and pleased by God.
  • We need to teach them that how they feel about something is no indication of its rightness or wrongness.
Nice Charlotte Mason point of view. Reminds me of what Christopher Derrick says

And let there be some formation in courtesy -- chiefly that formation which comes from lviing among courteous people, but also the kind that comes from instruction in good handwriting or formal dancing, in all the arts and rituals of civilized living.

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