Sunday, December 11, 2005

Some articles about Christmas

Let's Keep Christmas Commercialized
"I rejoice in the commercialization of Christmas. It signals the one time in the year when our world approaches sanity. The brightly lit houses, the evergreens garlanded with bulbs, the carols that provide the musical background for even our most hectic shopping—all creation comes alive with the message that the shift from B.C. to A.D. changed the world forever."
Joy to the World: A Christmas Carol and the Attack on — and Defense of — Christmas
"Give us the luxuries of life," Chesterton quotes, summing up this spirit of Christmas extravagance, "and we will dispense with the necessities." Of course even extravagance can be overdone, and too often is. But there is a proper extravagance to the Christmas festival that can be celebrated in such luxuries as feasting, gift-giving, seasonal music and concerts, and even traditional Christmas movies.

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