Monday, December 12, 2005

Those Latin posts

Liam sent them to me. I did not write them. I could make out the Little Ant poem but the City of the Sky story, combined with his handwriting (which is not that bad, but my personal organization problem is severe enough so that I can't read ANYONE's handwriting including my own without a lot of trouble) was a bit beyond me. So I typed it in here hoping that typing it and SEEING it in type would help me translate it before he comes home for Christmas break this Saturday. Yes, I have a son who writes stories in Latin as a leisure activity. He wants me to write one too so he can read it but I think that is not going to happen yet. Any mistakes are probably in my transcription and not in his composition.

He illustrated them and if I can I am going to scan the illustrations in. Another reason I've typed them in is just in case they get lost in this house of paper piles. I have them in page protectors in my notebook but I've been known to forget where I put things in order to keep them safe.

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