Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Very Odd Family

(That is what my daughter calls us)
Just about
23 years ago, I met my future husband. Now there are 12 of us, if you count the 3 little souls that are in God's arms. We, Kevin and Willa, have been married 20 years this coming June. When we go to Mass, we fill a 9-seat Suburban. "We have our own crew" in the words of an Irish Tenors song. One plus one doesn't always make just two. Deo gratias.

Check out Kevin's work site, with links to his own business and where we live. You can see a great picture of him with our youngest "Paddy"

Here's my place on the classical co-op

Here's our son Aidan's medical page

We have a special devotion to St Therese of the Holy Face. This site is dedicated to her. Dear Little Flower, pray for us.

I think that's enough for now. Off to make something that uses lots of flour.... cinnamon rolls? donuts? bagels? time will tell.

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