Sunday, January 29, 2006

Extra time on my hands today : )

Haiku of a Homeschooler


Pines in cool pale light

Mom and Dad and small ones doze
Sunday afternoon


Red book edged in gold
Make my heart like unto Thine,
O most Sacred Heart.


A crystal-eyed child,

Stuffed bears in war formation,
Boys are not like girls.


Black tripartite form,
His thin limbs waving fiercely

Defending his queen.


Bright dark eyes open
On bleached hospital pillow
My child, you are loved.



Mary Ellen Barrett said...

Absolutely lovely.

Alice said...

Aren't these great?! I love them!

Karen E. said...

These are beautiful.

Rebecca said...

I love these. I thought only MY boys made war with their stuffies! :)