Saturday, January 14, 2006

Severe Storm Warnings

This is not our outside view but it looks a lot like it right now. I spent a happy hour this morning shovelling out the mini-glacier on our deck. When I say that our deck is below an intersection of two angles on our roof, all those with metal roofs and heavy snowfall will understand.

This is the first year since we've moved here that I've been able to get out there and just dig in the deck. I've always been pregnant, had a toddler that needed watching, or a sick child. Our "sick child" Aidan looked pretty bright and healthy as he glued his face to the glass deck door and watched my efforts intently. A kind of active vigil that kept me happy and motivated as I chipped away at sedimentary layers of hail, frozen snow and ice.

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Alice said...

This is the kind of day we are expecting for tomorrow. Even now, I hear the wind beating up against the windows. Earlier, I actually checked the front door, because it sounded as if it just might open from the force of the wind.

I love the image of your little boy looking through the glass and keeping you motivated. I'll be you appreciated that "active vigil."