Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hidden Talents

Ave Maria writes:

"An educator who has been a consecrated religious for 50 years, once told me God gives a special talent to each child. You must pray to discover the hidden talent of each child."
Makes me think of what our last Pope said to families: "Become who you are."

Tip of the hat to Cindy

Also, a quote from GKC thanks to Love2Learn Mom
"I myself have little Latin and less Greek. But I know enough Greek to know the meaning of the second syllable of "enthusiasm," and I know it to be the key to this and every other discussion."


Mary Vitamin said...

Dear WJFR,
I am honored that you placed a link to my article “Math, The Popes and Holy Simeon” at your “Every Waking Hour” blog. However, I believe you inadvertently attached another author's name to my quote.

I invite you and your readers to try Mary Vitamin, a daily Marian meditation by email. If you benefited from “Math, the Popes and Holy Simeon”, you may also derive spiritual enrichment from a short daily reading about the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Ave Maria!

WJFR said...

Dear Ave Maria,
I'm going to edit my post to make the attribution more clear. Thanks for pointing out the ambiguity. Yes, I receive your Mary Vitamins by mail and I do recommend them; they are wonderful. Thanks for the work you do : ). I also enjoy your blog.

Mary Vitamin said...

Dear WJFR,
Thank you.
I've enjoyed reading your posts. I especially liked your comments on The Song at the Scaffold. I found it an enigmatic book, so further explanations are very helpful.
Ave Maria!