Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Education is an Atmosphere

Click on the title above to read a very good post by a 4reallearning friend that made it on to the 12th Carnival of Homeschooling.

Here's a quote:

"My experience here isn't new found knowledge in the fact that there are as many ways to home educate than there are to "skin a cat," it's just that to be able to take what you have in your own unique family situation and create the atmosphere for real learning to me is a real blessing! ...

For us the "atmosphere of education" in a real learning sense means that I have to constantly be in tune to the needs, desires, wants, and drives of my dear children. What would they most benefit from right now in their learning experiences? But it also gives me the freedom to go with them on their learning journey, much like a travel guide, and not keep them "boxed" in, pardon the pun! We have permission to learn a thing to our hearts content and then move on, or to keep re-visiting a subject or a theme time and again, because they will be continually learning from that experience.

For us the educational atmosphere is a Real Learning one and by virtue of that we have our "discipline and our life."

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