Saturday, May 13, 2006

Early Morning Ramblings

The earlier I wake up the earlier Aidan is up and about. The little kids seem to have some kind of internal sensor. Today I got up at 6 am and now it’s 6:30 and he’s having nachos for breakfast, in bed so maybe I can have a few minutes to type. I know, that is awful, but he was G tube fed for several years of his life and his eating preferences are still a bit idiosyncratic. And our ants are carpenters and are more interested in our log structure than in our food.

We had homeschool Stations of the Cross yesterday and then baseball practice down in the foothill “town” 20 miles away. This snowflake template looks so cool and refreshing in contrast since it was (already!) 95 degrees, hot, and shiny. The little kids wilted and Aidan got into a negative loop. His new phrase is, “I caaan’t!” His sister managed to joke him out of it a bit but only when the temperature dropped after the sun went down did he really get back to himself.

Today the action continues as we have three baseball games down in the foothills starting at 9 am. Tomorrow we drive down to Thomas Aquinas College to pick Liam up. He was done with finals yesterday but wanted to stay for the commencement mass for the graduating seniors.

Aidan was rolling his stroller wheel down a sloping basketball court yesterday and saying, “The wheel is going to college to see Liam!” When I pushed him in the swing he said, “I’m going up to the clouds to the train station to see Liam at college!” Well, pretty soon the wheel and Aidan will be able to view Liam more conveniently since he will be home all summer!

The next day and the next Aidan has appointments in “the city” 60 miles away, plus more baseball games, so life just keeps on going…. and going.

A Steller Jay got into our house yesterday. Apparently she has built her nest on the lantern right outside our deck door, so when we opened the door she swooped right in. She dived Kieron, who was playing the gamecube, and then landed on the windowsill with loud squawks and started trying to break through the glass with her beak. The kids, with admirable efficiency, went to work opening the screen windows and managed to shoo her out. Ah, life is easier with teenagers around. Their nests look like haphazard messes of sticks and odds and ends, sort of like our old Suburban often looks like inside. Looking back at that sentence I see I will have to clarify that I mean the Steller Jays’ nests, not the teenagers’. LOL, but their rooms are a bit like that sometimes too.

Besides the Jay, we’ve had a flying squirrel, several bats, a nuthatch, miscellaneous mice and a Douglas squirrel in our house at different times.

Now Aidan is wandering around, talking to the kitty. Everyone else is still asleep. This turned into sort of a miscellaneous post so I’m calling it “ramblings” since that describes what our life will be like for the next few days and also describes what he is doing presently.

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