Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Garden of Learning, Life, and the Liturgical Year

An incomplete and very informal roundup of some recent Real Learning blog posts (check the sidebar for the blogroll). I wanted to put them all together in one place. A slightly belated celebration of the month of mothers, especially Our Blessed Mother.

Literature and Learning
Leonie talks about Literature Themes in the Homeschool
Melissa on tidal language arts in a writer's home.
Maureen's thoughtful posts on Reading Great Books

Life and Learning
Elizabeth narrates her path down the garden trail with her kids and blogging on the way.
Amy is adding to her Blog of Virtues literature-and liturgy-based ideas on forming virtues. Theresa's blog is a great resource for hands-on, child-friendly unit studies, complete with pics.
Alice's blog is always full of creative ideas, and her Flow'rs of the Fairest is a beautiful celebration of May Altars.

Logistics and Learning
The Bookworm on Keeping it Together using binders.
Great notebooking pics at Rachel's site, too.
Kim on homemade Montessori manipulatives: here, here, and here. I get intimidated by hands-on projects but the pics really help and also, my own preschoolers loved the pictures so much that we spent several minutes just browsing and talking about them.

Love and Learning
Karen discusses rhythms in our lives
LLLMOm on Trust -- listening to your conscience, trusting your motherly intuition and not paying too much attention to the "experts".

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Alice said...

I am so honored to be included in this beautiful post. Thank you Willa!