Wednesday, May 17, 2006


These past days have been busy to say the least. Friday we had Homeschool group and then baseball practice 50 minutes round trip. Saturday, three baseball games in a row, 50 minutes round trip. Sunday, we drove 10 hours round trip to pick up Liam at college, about 500 miles round trip. Monday, an appointment in town (physical therapy), 120 miles round trip, then baseball practice, 50 miles. Tuesday, appointment in town (GI Clinic) then a baseball game, 120 mile round trip. Today, OT appointment, IEP at local school, choir and baseball practice,70 mile round trips. Also, we need to make a library and market trip which is inconsiderable in mileage but just the last straw for energy level.

It goes on and on too.

Tomorrow, two more appointments in town at different times of the day, 120 mile trip. Friday, homeschool group in the morning and tournament in the afternoon, 2 separate 50 mile trips. Saturday, tournament continues, at least one baseball game and up to three, then another trip for Clare to sing at choir, 2 trips of 50 miles each. Sunday, I think we get to relax except that it is the last chance to see a good friend who is moving to Florida for several years, but that would mean another 500 mile round trip. I don’t think we can do it. 1300 miles and counting, plus the 95 degree heat down in town and a record-setting pollen level (honestly, haven’t checked on the record part but it MUST be because I feel it so much and I’m not usually in the first line of sufferers).
Aidan is in my lap. He got his G Tube removed yesterday but the site is a bit infected and is causing him pain, so that may mean we have to go back and go to OR to get it debrided and sewed up — oh, I hope not.

I just yelled at Paddy because he opened the Gamecube and started pulling out the disc while the machine was still running. How low can I sink? This is not really standard operating procedure for me these days, but I was up at 6 am hoping to have a little quiet time and then both the little guys woke up and started fretting and wanting things right away. They are both tired and Aidan is uncomfortable as well, and the allergy load is reaaally bad today so I’m not comfortable either.

And Aidan’s DAFO that he got last week doesn’t fit right so that’s why we have to go back to town on Thursday. Which means we have to do Aidan’s monthly labs tomorrow which is just the last straw for him.

Oh, and yesterday our 12 year old “Old Faithful” HP printer which has been through 4 moves with us gave its last gasp. Its corpse is next to me now and the bare spot where it was is covered with dust, a stray lego light sabre and a Pokemon card. Of COURSE.

The little guys have an admirable self-healing process. After bursting into tears when I scolded him, Paddy hugged me and said, “I’m sad, I’m sad.” Aidan is now joking after his episode of pain (he drank something and his tube stoma leaked which would make anyone cry with pain).

Me, I finally got to write this out, on our unstable windows 98 computer and it didn’t crash in the middle. Whew.

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