Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tournament Day

Yesterday Kieron had his first play-off game. His team, the Giants, won. So that meant he had a game at 9 am today, against the top-ranked Cardinals, which meant Kevin had to bring him down the mountain at 7:45. I managed to wake up early enough to make him hash browns, which is a favorite breakfast of his, and he got the leftover bacon in the fridge.

He will probably have at least 3 games today but Kevin and I agreed that I should stay up here with Aidan and Paddy. Aidan is still in a lot of discomfort from his G Tube stoma and being down in the foothill dry heat always wears him out — he overdoes it and becomes fatigued. I am disappointed about missing the games but it does make sense to keep Aidan quiet until his wound — for that’s essentially what it is — heals up a bit more.
So we shuttled Clare to her violin lesson and back and walked outside for a while with Liam, who was talking about perfect shapes. It occurs to me that you are probably thinking movie stars here since this is a 19 year old young man but in fact, he was referring to his Euclid class and geometrical solids. We talked a bit about Pythagoras too. I wish I could transcribe exactly WHAT we were talking about but in fact, I had enough trouble just listening and commenting with some pretense of intelligence. Ha! If you lose half your brain cells with each pregnancy I am functioning at about 1/256th of original capacity now and I never did get to Euclid and Pythagoras until I was already operating at about 1/64th, unfortunately….. but it was fun talking to someone, one of my own progeny even, who thinks about math concepts for the sheer joy and interest of it.

Then we went inside and Liam made quesadillas with ham and onions and pineapple and Tabasco, among other things. They were REALLY good. He is enjoying having a kitchen to use again after college cafeteria. I changed Aidan’s bandage. He likes to tell me, “The G-tube went to college to see Liam!” He thinks that’s really funny : ).

Clare and Sean are down at the games with Kieron and Kevin. Brendan just came upstairs to show me a perfectly stunning cardboard shield. When Kevin installed the dishwasher, there was a big box left and Brendan asked for it. So he’s made a shield in that chevron form, rimmed with duct tape, and with a design on the center made in relief — he glued cardboard shapes on top and then painted the whole thing in silver and gold enamel. I WISH I had a digital camera. He plans to reinforce it with another layer of cardboard, so he says — he referred to the “7-fold shields” we read about in the Iliad a couple of years back.

“He poised his spear as he spoke, and hurled it from him. It struck the sevenfold shield in its outermost layer–the eighth, which was of bronze–and went through six of the layers but in the seventh hide it stayed.”

As for the movie in progress — they filmed their first scene yesterday evening, asking me to keep the little ones in the bedroom in order to avoid ambient noise. They had put grease and dirt on a white cloth to make a pub apron for Kieron, the pub owner, and Sean put his hair down over his eyes and put dirt on his chin to make an impressive facsimile of stubble — I hope he never lets his appearance go like that in real life — scary!

Later on today Clare is to be co-cantor at mass, and if Kieron’s team does not lose today, they will have a game tomorrow morning. But after that, things will slow down to a more quiet, less gas-guzzling pace. IE, less driving! Whew, it has been quite a week!

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