Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Unschooling Math and more rabbit trailing

Some more links to math sites:

Living Math!
HT: JoVE at Tricotomania
and while visiting her site I also found these ones:
Homeschool Math Blog
Anti-textbook math page
Also, her post on Teaching and Learning is helpful in reminding me of the bigger picture in what I am trying to do.

Also, while I'm still on math:
MacBeth's Opinion: Math
Unity of Truth: science and math blog for Catholics

Speaking of rabbit trails:

My oldest son recommended Watership Down as good reading to me; I had recommended it to him last year but hadn't actually read it myself. It IS a good book. I finished it yesterday and am now trying to find a victim/listener to read it aloud to. Coincidentally, Melissa at The Lilting House had just blogged about it in All Roads Lead to Rome -- Even for Bunnies

Perhaps inspired by the bunny on the cover of my book, my youngest (age 3) wanted me to read him the ABC Bunny, a wonderful alphabet book I remember from my earliest childhood days. Wanda Gag is one of my favorite picture book authors.

Which brings me somehow to phonics:

Speaking of the alphabet, somehow my two youngest have learned most of the alphabet names and sounds by playing phonics with Vtech gamestyping letters on the computer keyboard, and a Leapfrog game I don't have the time to look for right now. They also like a Montessori book called the Red Letter Alphabet Book. And my 6 year old enjoys Handwriting Without Tears preschool resources. Especially the magnetic board and the workbook, which we pick up sporadically to use.

And now time for silflay -- (Lapine for going out to eat):

Or rather, this will have to stand in for a real blog post because my almost 7 year old seems to be heading for (minor) surgery around the time of his 7th birthday, which seems to be a pattern for him -- I think he has been in the hospital for 3 of his 6 birthdays so far! He is uncomfortable today.

Older children are having swordfights to the score of Pirates of the Caribbean -- count that for PE today -- I'm getting tired just listening to it!

It really is time for lunch, I think! Other details for today: occupational therapist coming to do sacro-cranial therapy with Aidan, church choir (my daughter), possible baseball awards banquet tonight (have to look at my calendar and am not sure if we'll make it considering Aidan's health), Brendan's overview (we finished Gawain and the Green Knight and are now embarked on a reprise of Beowulf), and a family walk. Oh, and we wanted to zip over to our local library.

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