Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Outlining Monday

Good News

The laundry is almost all caught up.

Bad News

Aidan needs that GI surgery, but the pediatric surgeon consultation isn’t scheduled till June 13th, which means that the surgery itself will probably be at least two weeks from now. Tomorrow I’m going to have to bug GI and find out what they can do for him in the meantime since he is really hurting. Some bleeding today which freaked him out badly — he hid in the bathroom.

And in the Ugly Category:

  • Paddy’s dirty diaper which I discovered just as we were leaving for the library. (”Paddy, you are too old for this. Next time you have to go in the toilet.” “O-o-kay, mama.”)
  • The house still looks bad even after our Monday Blessing Hour. I think we need a river or two.

Nice Try:

Clare and Sean had the idea of buying metal plumbing piping to try and make a sword. It turned out too heavy to wield unless they get into claymore battling. But it’s sort of nice to have a 10 pound length of metal around here. I guess.


  • Brendan saw a bear outside his window the other night.
  • There are tiny beetles all over our house for some reason.
  • Liam found a moth and plans to give it to Kieron to start his insect collection (Liam brought home an insect collection for a taxonomy project at TAC and Kieron admired it).

Library Holds:

They also got videos:

What’s happening now:

  • Brendan’s bringing in the trash bins.
  • Kevin’s carrying Aidan to bed (he fell asleep while they were watching Sliders)
  • Sean’s brushing his teeth.
  • Paddy’s asleep.

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