Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Little Lost in Space

Slowly the rhythms for this fall seem to be coming together. I tend to have a vision for the year but I plan seasonally — or if I do plan for the year, I end up scrapping most of it by the time the current season is waning.

In the morning we focus on math and Latin. First I work on Algebra and Euclid with Clare. This takes probably 45 minutes to an hour; we start at 9:30. We usually wrap it up or let it dwindle out by talking about “everythingintheuniverse.” Honestly, this is a nice “peg” for communications since it is her time.

Meanwhile, theoretically, Sean and Kieron are supposed to be doing Latin and Math. So far, Latin has been Quia. Math, for Kieron, has been Quia drills, so far. Sean, 13, works out of Key to Algebra. He is on the fourth book, factoring polynomials. As time goes on we will try to move deeper into these subjects, but for right now, it takes about 15 minutes of their time. Paddy, 3, not to be left out, does Quia Alphabet Matches. He is getting really good at them. He also likes Pokemon Concentration and is pretty good there, too. He and Aidan are both really getting more interested in being read to and Paddy especially is advancing towards the Frog and Toad and Little Bear listening stage. So in odd pockets of the day I am reading to them too.

After Clare’s overview I check on the boys, remind about chores and math etc..

Then I read to Brendan: Witness to Hope. He is reading Common Sense Logic on his own. And working on his story.
At 10:30 Clare gives Kieron a piano lesson. She spends a lot of time on music in addition to this. And she has been sewing quite a bit. With literature, history, science, Latin and religion as well, she is feeling a bit stressed by time management.
After lunch Kevin and I go for a walk with the little ones and anyone else who wants to — usually Clare.

In the mid-afternoon I take a rest and sometimes Paddy naps.

Then the day has been sort of fizzling out, if there aren’t errands or other things to do. Which there are several days a week. Monday is library and market and post office day, Thursday is therapy and choir day, and Friday is Stations of the Cross. And there’s usually some random appointment in there somewhere else. So I guess it’s just a couple of fizzling days.

However, I am feeling I am not challenged enough. Partly it’s because others seem to be rushing around with lots to do. There is lots of planning going on and I am sort of un-planning. But also, I think it’s one of those times that one gets a bit bored and uneasy because one is in a transition. It happens to the kids sometimes so there’s no reason it shouldn’t happen to me.

I am trying to plan books for the boys this year. But while I’m planning, they’re already reading, and reading good things, too. Still, they seem to have time left over for an informal Lost in Space unit study including personality quiz. And Sean is reviving his football fantasy league from last year.

Maybe some of these sites I found accidentally while searching for other things will be helpful to me sometime.

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