Friday, August 25, 2006

This Week

Sunday we brought Liam back to college. A long trip; takes 10 hours in all, so we didn’t get back until 12 hours after we left.

Monday was a quiet day….. recovering.

Tuesday, Sean was really sick with a fever and chills and aches.

Wednesday, Aidan had his physical therapy appointment in town, so we also went shopping.

Thursday, Aidan’s occupational therapist came, and also, Kevin took several of the children to McKinley Grove. Pictures do not do justice to a sequoia grove. We are fortunate indeed to live so close to one.

Friday, today, we have Homeschool group meeting. I am SO not into it today but I know I should do it. Those “SHOULDS”! Rephrase — I am choosing to make the effort to drive down there even though my inclinations tell me to stay home and veg out. I know it will be a worthwhile choice and I will be glad I did it.

We started up — hmm, I usually say “school” but it’s not quite the word. Home lessons? Studies might be the most appropriate — “learning” doesn’t apply because of course, we learn every waking hour : ).

Anyway, Kieron and Sean are doing math and Latin and Clare has started up a regular course of studies. This is her idea. Her subjects:

  • Latin using Henle 1.
  • Math — Jacob’s Algebra 1 (it’s partly review so she’s going through 2 lessons a day)
  • Geometry — Euclid
  • Literature — her own book choices.
  • Religion — she is apparently reading What Jesus Saw from the Cross, since it is missing from my closet. She also wants to read the Summa.
  • Science and History we are still trying to work out.
  • Music, Drama, Composition — unschooling covers that without a problem.

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