Tuesday, September 26, 2006

real expectations for real learning

To Study or Not to Study
excellent post from Julie at Bravewriter
She writes:

"I offer the following list as a set of realistic, humble expectations for home education:

  • Reading
  • Handwriting
  • Math facts
  • Reading aloud
  • Tea times
  • Music lessons
  • Fostering curiosity
  • Personalized learning goals coordinated with a child’s vision of her future
  • Facility with the library (and affection for it!)
  • Home arts (cooking, repairs, sewing, cleaning, knitting, yard work, crafts)
  • Extended, uninterrupted play
  • Narrating (talking about interests, questions, ideas, experiences in a one-on-one setting)
  • Mastering areas of interest using as much time as needed (no set end-point for a topic or subject)
  • Tackling a subject at a personalized pace
  • Computer literacy
  • Awareness of current events
  • Conversations with parents that both nurture and challenge
  • Socialization (learning to relate to siblings and parents with respect, working out problems patiently and with parental support)
  • Lots of free time (to use any way the child wants)
  • Nature observation (both through a window and in outings)
  • Trips to cool places
  • Running a business
  • Time to discover what one wants to learn
  • Learning from mom and dad what they know
  • Use of television and movies for learning
  • Depth involvement in sports or the arts without competing schoolwork
  • All subjects open for learning (no stigmatized subjects)
  • Vast variety of learning models which can be attempted and discarded or adopted
  • Close family relationships
  • Hands-on learning (no need for canned workbooks for things like counting money, for instance)"
I just love this! I could probably add or change a few of my own but that's another nice benefit of homeschooling..... individual missions and interests. HT: Cindy at It's about the Journey

It reminds me a bit of Faith's Top Ten Resources that Make Unschooling Work
and here is another one by Cindy at Apple Stars

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