Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ten Things I'm Thankful For This Thursday

  1. That my immunesuppressed 7 year old made it through a bout of what acted like RSV last week and though his oxygen sats dropped, he held his own and didn't have to camp out in the overflow hospital ward.
  2. Since our water heater is broken, I am thankful for our customary, taken-for-granted hot water and husband and teenage son who are messing around in the cold dark basement trying to fix it!
  3. For my dear daughter who brings music and laughter and good energy into the house and keeps me company in this house of eight males counting the dog and cat.
  4. For my dad who has lived twenty years longer than his father and grandfather thanks to modern medicine.
  5. For video technology -- nothing like a good movie when everyone's coughing and sneezing!
  6. For my camera -- I love it~!
  7. For our fireplace and super efficient wood stove as the temperatures start dropping! And my 18yo son who has been stocking the woodbox every night so it's easy to start the fire every morning.
  8. I'm thankful that my oldest son is coming home next Wednesday though his holiday will be over too soon!
  9. For Novel in a Month -- fun and energizing!
  10. For my double-sided laserjet printer and my comb binder. I love them both. So easy to print things out and make my own little books.
This is way late to go in the Thankful Thursdays carnival but it's been fun doing it anyway : )


Alice said...

Great list, Willa! The NaNoWriMo project sounds especially fun. Will you be posting the results of your effort? I hope so!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Willa, you're so brave to try the novel in a month. My internal editor just shouts at me .... :-) Maybe next year, though ....