Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Learning Goals: March is for Century Books

Ah, I just realized it is March already and time to move on to a new Monthly Learning Goal.
January was Notebooking.
February was Narration

One side benefit is that I realize that we've actually started doing a bit in the other areas without specifically having it on the agenda. What should we focus on for March? I wanted to save the Nature Study focus for spring -- and it is definitely not spring here yet.

I think the March focus should be Century Books, or Plutarch and Shakespeare. Now, which one??

When I first wrote out the learning goals, I couldn't decide whether to have a Habit per month or deal with Habits generally in one month. I think I will do both! Focus on habits generally speaking during one month, but try to focus on a particular habit each month.

This month is covered habit-wise, I think because we are all doing various Lenten practices. In general, for Lent, in addition to the individual devotions and fasts everyone does, I try to put a blanket over the house. .... like the purple strips of cloth I've put over the pictures and statues. We don't cut out everything but we minimize. Plus, since Lent is about almsgiving as well, we try to think about others' convenience more than of our own. I have been trying extra hard to listen to my domestic monastery bells. I think I hear one or two right now.....

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Anonymous said...

Willa, I'm confused. What do you mean by Century Books?