Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thrifty Thursday

These are some of the things I found last week during a seasonal thrift store trip.

Jumper and knit top -- not exactly summer wear but will be nice for fall:

Several short sleeved tops (I needed these since I had only a couple of short-sleeve ones and they were mostly too big)

Skirts -- all about mid-calf length on me. The one on the right is about a half-size too small but I'm hoping I will lose that little bit of extra.

This is one of the skirts and tops together -- I am thinking of wearing them to my niece's afternoon wedding this Saturday -- it will be 90 degrees down in town! I'm not sure if the top matches the skirt exactly; if not, maybe I'll have to borrow a top from my daughter : ) -- we are almost the same size.

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