Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pondering about Planning

Slea Head. That was one of the most beautiful places we went to on our trip. If you ever go there, though, and you’re in a big van trying to back up on the one-lane cliff-side road lined with rocky outcroppings to make way for a huge tour bus, be sure to tuck in your left side window. Then maybe you won’t knock it completely off as we did. On the bright side, as my mother in law said, no PERSON in our family group of 27 got hurt, even with all that driving on the left hand side of the road, even in Dublin with the night-life going on right outside our hotel, even in Ennis where sadly, my teenage son and his 2 cousins came across the scene of a stabbing when they were returning from seeing Pirates of the Caribbean. A sheared off rear-view window — a small enough price to pay, though it looks like the rental company wants to make sure the price isn’t TOO small.

JoVE wrote a nice retrospective in response to mine yesterday — This Time Last Year. It made me wish that I had been a bit more philosophical in my entry, but my mind doesn’t seem to be working that way right now. Educationally, last year in July, it appears I was thinking about whether you could plan and still be an unschooler.

My friend and planning-guru Cindy wrote a series of posts describing how she does this. Over the past year, I have managed to learn that you can still plan and organize, even as an unschooler, if that’s how you operate in real life. The trick is to use the plans as a travel-guide not a sort of railroad track. And if you find yourself backing up on a rocky one-lane cliffside road, well, it’s worth it for the beauty of the scenery and the experience.