Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Fitness

If Leonie could show off a bit one time ----

since I finally got to my target size, I wanted to make sure and memorialize it.

Too bad I didn't quite step into the picture, but I sort of like it anyway. I like the light.

So I'll let it stand for now.

Also, I really like what Leonie said about healthy eating and healthy habits. She writes:

I try to keep my diet demons away by healthy eating and working out.

That's what I want to take away from this, too. Healthy eating and healthy exercise, not dieting and stressing. I did that back when I was young, and it wasn't good. Healthy and moderate is much, much better, and it works.

Since I'm feeling just a bit fragile right now as far as will-power goes, I want to try to remember that.

Oh, and this is timely: How to stay on the Wagon For Good

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