Thursday, August 02, 2007

More household trivia

Would you hold onto a 10 year old plaid flannel sheet that got bleached by accident several years ago and now has a big tear across the middle? You'd probably give it to the local vet, right? So why am I considering mending it and keeping it? Sigh... there is this Scottish and Dutch heritage thing.

Yesterday evening after I stopped logging, I FINALLY managed to reshelve all the books in the hall. My husband and teenagers moved them almost three weeks ago so the new washer and dryer could get down the hall.

Today the kids are going to do their "weeklies" -- funny, my 4 year old just asked, "What number am I?" -- I think maybe this fall when I rearrange the work lists, I will add some token responsibilities for him and my dev delayed 8 year old. They are both motivated.

Also, I have to face reality and do something about the kitty litter box. Our cat disappeared sometime during this last chaotic hospital bit, and it's been almost a week. I think I will have to move the litter box out to the garage, though we won't give up hope completely.

The other things on the list are to vacuum thoroughly, and to call the appliance guy to convert our dryer so we can finally use it. Then this house will be almost back to its norm.

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