Friday, August 31, 2007

Thinking about Blogging

I have four, FOUR blogs, not even mentioning the ones where I'm a co-contributor.

I am not sure how that happened. I love them all. But I think something has to give. Butter stretched over too much bread seems to describe how it's going (if you remember Bilbo at the beginning of Lord of the Rings) .


"Eia, totus tenuis sentio, aliquantus distentus, si quod significo intellegis: sicut butyrum quod in permulto pane litum est. Non recte esse potest."

I don't quite have the nerve to close this one down. It's one of my oldest. But I'm thinking of letting it stand deserted for a while and do most of my posting on my other ones.

Heart of Home is for house and health type things.
Schola et Studium is my Learning Notes blog.

Every Waking Hour
is my other general homeschooling blog, and the closest to this one. I have been trying to choose between doing most of my regular blogging on that one, or this one. A vexed question; I have reasons for loving them both.

Anyway, I'll be heading out of town for a few days (Alaska! see other blog) and maybe that will give me time to think it through. Any thoughts? I have thought about it all summer and I still can't decide! You can imagine how it is when I'm trying to sort through the kids' artwork! I guess it's not really a life or death question, but it is bothering me~ !

At any rate, I think that I'm going to give this one a month or two off and see if I can do without it (like putting the old favorite toys in the garage for a month or two before I actually donate them to the thrift store)


Anonymous said...

I read this one and the Every Waking Hour one and since you've moved your learning notes, I think they are pretty similar. I think you could use one platform or the other (which ever you liked better for blogging on) and have one blog to deal with all the stuff you currently put on both of them. I have noticed that you refer to posts between them a lot, too.

Have a great time in Alaska. I bet this is a very nice time of year to go.

Melanie B said...

I don't want to make your decision any harder; but I must confess this is the first of your blogs
I found and the only one I subscribe to and therefore read consistently. On hte other hand, I can hardly keep up with one, I don't know how anyone does multiple blogs. If you decide to shut it down, I'd totally understand and I can of course shift my focus. But please do let us know.

Amy said...

I'm no help (multi-blogger-hopper here myself) but I wanted to wish you a safe and wonderful trip!

Karen E. said...

Hope the trip is beautiful, and I'll read you wherever you are!