Monday, September 10, 2007

Another Not-Really-a-Post --- Alaska Pics

Going up the Seward Highway

Mount Susitna

Going up to Hatcher's Pass:

Brendan on my parents' porch:

Family Photo:

This would have been a great pic if not so blurry:


lapazfarm said...

Wah! I'm so jealous!Your pictures are making me miss Alaska so much!
Isn't Hatcher pass just gorgeous? I remember the little lake at the top being so blue.

Beate said...

Gorgeous!! What a beautiful world God has entrusted into our care. I dream of going to Alaska one day...and Ireland, and Rome and about 100 other places ;-)

The Glasers said...

I lived in Adak for eighteen months and Sand Point (Shumagin Islands) for two years. I just love your pictures and you made me miss the beauty of Alaska!