Monday, December 31, 2007

Reading for 2008

Dominion Family and Mommy Brain have lists of their reading in 2007. And Faith at Dumb Ox Academy has made a list of her reading plans for 2008. These are fun to look over for ideas.

I was not organized enough to keep track of my reading throughout 2007. What I did list is here and here. I just do not have the energy right now to extract all the names of books from those long reviews, but next year I propose to do better about keeping lists.

I think, though, that I'll try once again to list reading goals. Like Faith's, but by season rather than for the whole year.

Right now I am reading:

  • From Dawn to Decadence
  • Economics in One Lesson

I just got from the library:

  • Auralia's Colors
  • The Legend of the Firefish
  • Tevye's Daughters

so I will probably read those as a break from the heavier ones.

That's the plan, which will probably take me through winter.

There ought to be some self-help/pop psychology books in there somewhere. It is funny that my daughter's violin teacher and I both read self-help books for light reading. I suppose the good ones are a bit like a collection of short stories with a theme, or like talking to with a bunch of memories wrapped around a single topic. But I only do it when I'm too tired even to read a good novel. I suppose it's the equivalent of watching Oprah or Dr. Phil for people like me who hate watching TV (and I actually did read 2 Dr Phil books last year because our library had them in the dime rack).

I have been trying to read a book of poems by Emily Dickinson but forgot about it for a while.

  • I intend to read Paradise Lost.

There is also a collection of education-related books that I am going through slowly:

  • The Art of Teaching
  • A Humane Psychology of Education
  • Effective Study
  • Studying is Hard Work

and after I read Economics in One Lesson I want to read Small is Still Beautiful.

As for the GBWW I want to start with Montesquieu and Locke and go from there.

Happy New Year!


Jennifer F. said...

Funny, I just finished writing a post about my 2007 reading, and then came across this one.

It is funny that my daughter's violin teacher and I both read self-help books for light reading.

Me too! I looove a good self-help book.

Also, Economics in One Lesson Sounds great. Going to add it to my wish list right now...

Mrs. Darling said...

I've been busy trying to get my kids through the top 100 books that teachers say every child should rad! LOL
I havent been reading nearly enough for myself.

Matilda said...

Have you ever read the play version of Tevye and his Daughters? Very different from Fiddler on the Roof.