Saturday, March 29, 2008


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I got this personality test from Stephanie's blog A Recollected Life.

On this one I came out as an INTP Intellectual/Engineer.
As usual I barely missed being an INFP Dreamer. I usually come out as either one or another in those sorts of tests. I don't see myself as an engineer type because I'm not really very practical so if there were an Intellectual Dreamer category it would probably fit me better.

What personality type are you?


Melanie B said...

That's interesting. I'm an INTP too, and I also don't feel like Engineer describes me at all.

I've come up as INFP on the test before too, but if I'm being honest with myself I know that I'm answering the questions that get me that result as I wish I were or as I think I should be rather than as I really am.

My sister really is an INFP and so I know the differences and can see that she really does fit the description while I really don't.

Marie said...

There's a theme, here! I used to test as INFP, but since I've had children and have had to grapple with life differently, I've become INTP. Which is supposedly not a common type for women!

Love2Learn Mom said...

I seem to come out pretty consistently as INTJ - "Strategist".