Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Order of the Day

Like Faith, I find myself turning to journal the day in order to discover order in chaos. As she wrote it:

I keep having these urges to journal the day because as the day goes on it seems so chaotic. So it really helps me to document things so I can see beyond the chaos.

So, what did we do today? I’ll make a list:

Pancakes and sausages for breakfast (and Paddy wanted an egg because Clare had one, but then when he got the egg he decided the sausages and pancakes were more appealing after all, so we compromised — I had him eat half the egg)

Aidan helped make the pancakes

Morning academics — I kept trying to start a new read-aloud for Kieron, The King’s Rider about Robert the Bruce, and we kept getting interrupted. We never did get to read more than a few pages.

Aidan and Paddy played with their beads and pretended they were making ice cream cones (good, good — cooperative fantasy play, very good for Aidan and he does not do it as often as Paddy would like).

A short reading lesson for Aidan (he is on lesson 33 of 100 easy lessons).

Fire in the fireplace — it is cold and grey outside today!

I rearranged the upstairs so the TV screen doesn’t dominate the loft so much, part of my effort to cut down on vicarious video game playing.

A discussion with Clare on her first crank commenter on her blog, and then Sean giving his opinion about message board cranks, and later on a discussion about the relative literary merits of Brian Jacques and JK Rowlings.

Kieron was working hard on designing his own bionicle variations whenever he got a chance in between academic tasks.

A bit of time doing educational computer games for Paddy.

Down to the foothills to take the dog to the vet, with Brendan to hold the dog and Aidan along for the ride.

A brief trip outside since Paddy really really wanted to go outside and then Mom hastened back in — it is REALLY cold!

Brendan brought a few more logs to the porch with the “help” of the little ones.

Kevin and Sean took off to go down to town for Sean’s football strength and conditioning session.

I have no idea what we are going to have for dinner since the freezer’s pretty much empty. This rarely happens but I guess Kevin hasn’t had the opportunity to do a major shopping trip for some time. He usually shops when we are in town for an appointment while I am at the appointment with whatever child (usually Aidan).

What I really ought to be doing is more rotating activities out of the cupboards. I did reorganize the toy chest so it is easier for the little ones to get into. They have been spending a lot of time with hot wheels and a couple of race tracks and garages and the like.

Now the younger two are outside with Kieron — good old Kieron, he is hardier than I am!