Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Can't get Kant

I am still killing my brain over Kant. What I am trying to find out is how Kant's epistemology compares to Aristotle's and Aquinas's. What I probably ought to be doing is actually reading Aristotle's De Anima, and Kant' s Critique of Pure Reason, but when I tried to do that I couldn't get my brain around the terminology and explanations, let alone synthesize, compare and contrast, etc.

So I went to the secondary-sources approach. Frederick Coppleston (a Jesuit scholar) has a whole history of philosophy series, and I have the first 2 of his books, so I knew he was good. The other book I got from the library is Descartes to Derrida by Peter Sedgwick. Quite readable considering the subject matter.

I found this blog post called Aristotlelian Epistemology and the Leo XIII's Thomist Revival. And here is an article called Aristotelian Epistemology.

Whenever Kevin hears Liam and I talking about Kant, he thinks of the lady in Singing in the Rain who says, "I KAAANT stand it!"

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