Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Task #1: The Laundry Room

Last evening I was so inspired by my list of areas in the house that I went and tackled the laundry room right away.

  • I went through the top cupboards and discarded several things we haven't used for years, mostly pet supplies and ancient lotions and some old sports clothes that are the worse for wear.
  • Then I vacuumed around the corners of the washer and dryer (collecting in the process some socks that had fallen in the space between the two) and vacuumed in the trap where the lint filter usually resides. I understand you are supposed to do this regularly but I hardly ever remember.
This doesn't take long to write, but I was in there for the better part of an hour. It was extremely relaxing, though. I am trying to cultivate "mindful housekeeping" and re-discover the joy in cleaning and organizing! It is something I lose access to if I don't cultivate it intentionally.

The laundry room is not really that cluttered so it wasn't too difficult a task to sort through or clean. Actually, I think my ideal would be to have every cupboard and closet be only about half to three-quarters full, rather than stuffed to the gills and chaotic in appearance. I seem to have an interior notion that a space has to be jammed in order to be efficient, but actually the opposite is probably true.

Things I didn't get to:

  • Organizing and weeding through the lower cupboards.
  • A better solution for the childrens' laundry, which I presently put in piles and wait for them to take to their rooms -- but I need to get a reminder system in place.
  • Scrubbing surfaces -- not that dirty in there really but a polish wouldn't hurt.
  • Wiping the rubber opening of the front-loading washer -- I don't know the name of it but it seems to collect gunk.
  • Cleaning and bleaching the utility sink.

I am thinking that if I make a list like this whenever I finish with a room, it will be easier to gear up for next month.

Next on my list: the downstairs bathroom.

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