Thursday, May 29, 2008

Task #14: Master Bedroom

I didn't have too much to do in the master bedroom. I vacuumed under the bed and cabinets and computer, and scrubbed the wooden baseboards, and straightened a bit, and dusted or wiped the surfaces. These are both "after" pictures.

Task #13: Eastern Side of Loft

My husband and older kids went to town to see a movie, so I ended up working on the rest of the loft Wednesday evening instead of Thursday as I would have normally.

Preparation, Action:

The center part of the loft actually didn't look too bad overall. There was very little clutter -- most of it was over at the western part. So most of my cleaning time I spent straightening, putting a few things away, vacuuming thoroughly, and wiping surfaces and part of the banister. I still need to dust the rafters and fan, and go through the audio cabinet .

I am finding that knowing what I am going to do next helps me prepare at the same time as I am working on the present tasks. So I was cleaning the east part of the loft even while I was focusing on the west part, and I did a little work on the master bedroom today in the process of working on the east side of the loft.

On the other hand, today was a bit demoralizing. Typical of me to get close enough to the finish line to actually see it, and then start moving too fast and wiping out. It's happening now with the last 12 days of "school" too; I just want to be done, but that certainly isn't the attitude I want to cultivate either with home learning OR with my home cleaning. It is the present moment I am working on, after all!

From here you can see all four of the boys' beds -- Paddy's youth bed in the front, Sean's next to the bookcase, and Kieron's and Aidan's over in the window area:

Paddy's little bed, the audio center, Sean's collection of footballs:

Here is a close-up of Kieron and Aidan's area; Kieron tidied it earlier today:

Here is the view looking towards the master bedroom -- a bit "busy" -- I would like to do something about that cloth, but it hides even more distracting cardboard boxes:

Here's the view from my room back over the loft:


One of the reasons I'm making this "journey" through the house is that there is a chance we may have to move. Funny how it's easier to pay attention to something when there's a possibility it might be taken away. Something I ought to ponder, because I do tend to walk through all my blessings almost blindly, and "wake up" only when there is some change. Seems to me that there might be some acedia in that.

I love our nice "tree house" but it would take some work to make it buyer-ready. I am not photo-ing the floors and ceilings and walls, which are the most banged-up and stretched -- the ceiling is sagging from many winters of heavy snows, and the floors and walls -- you can imagine, with six boys. And I don't really want to leave it, but I do want to be more intentional about keeping it up.

Last two tasks: The master bedroom and the master bathroom.

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